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The B.Alan Great Britain New Issue Service

B.Alan Stamps - New Issue serviceWe believe we offer the most comprehensive U.K. New Issue service in existence. Running for almost 40 years, we have supplied over 95% of all Commemorative, Definitive, Regional and Islands printings in this time and a huge number of the known errors and varieties, at discounted new issue rates. Our long expertise in this field ensures the highest quality of material and service something that others try to emulate. The many customers who have remained loyal to our service since its initiation are testament to this.

Our experts have been responsible for many new discoveries in this time and have built up an unrivalled supply network ensuring that you will almost always have the opportunity to obtain those rare Regional cylinder blocks or scarce booklet cylinder panes & printings.


To demonstrate how our customers have benefited over the years, we list below just a few of the innumerable items that we have supplied, along with their new issue price and their current retail price if you were able to obtain them today:

1970 Games 5d missing phosphor 7.50 200.00
Machin p side band left 35p 45.00
  3p colour error 1.50 850.00
Scotland Waddington 31p type 2 60p 135.00
Post & Go Birds 1 Machine printed set of 30 44.75 195.00


New Issue Service

In addition to the many bargains we have supplied, we have also offered most of the rarest modern errors and varieties to some of our more fortunate customers, amongst them exhibition quality pieces which are the classics of tomorrow. Included amongst these were the only three known copies of the 1976 Roses 13p missing the value, two copies of which are now in the Royal Philatelic Collection.

To take advantage of our unrivalled service and expertise, simply complete the downloadable application forms and let us do the rest. It will not be a decision you regret!

Scope of Service

Our New Issue Service covers almost every conceivable category of modern Great Britain collecting. To best gauge this we recommend you download one or two sets of sheets of sheet from the Recent Update section on the Price Lists page. These comprehensive priced notes are supplied with every distribution fully detailing the stamps supplied in each category.

A major benefit of being a new issue subscriber rather than simply ordering on an ad hoc basis is that the stamps in your chosen categories are supplied to you automatically and, in almost every instance, at a discount from the subsequently published retail prices.

In addition, when items are in short supply, which seems to be increasingly the case in recent years, new issue customers receive these as a priority over retail customers, giving you the best chance of obtaining those elusive items that are subsequently sought after.

Tailored To Your Requirements

The B.Alan New Issue service can be tailored to your specific requirements and budget. Although our service uses the latest computer technology to run your account efficiently, we never allow this to overshadow the very personal and individual nature of stamp collecting. Should you have any specific requirements that are not detailed in the comprehensive application form, or have any queries about the service or your account in general, dont hesitate to let us know. Our staff will always be willing to help where at all possible.

Please click the link below to download our new issue application form. If you prefer, we will happily post a hard copy to you if you supply us with your postal address

Download our New Issue Brochure...


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